Fabiola Bazo – Author Photo

Had the pleasure of working with SFU Professor and author Fabiola Bazo. We did an author photo for her upcoming book on the punk music scene in the turbulent political environment of Peru in the 80s and 90s.



I really loved the grey hair and how instead of covering it she embraces it. So many beautiful shades of grey and if you look closely a touch of blue. In a session like this we usually do a few different looks that will be suitable not only for the jacket but for promotional purposes as well.




Fabi was so fun to work with she made my job easy. I’m really looking forward the book.





Blue and Not Blue

I came across this blue background while reorganizing the studio and thought I’d give it a try. Working mostly with actor heashots and business portraits, I tend to use more neutral backdrops or the many other textures offered here at Ironworks Studios.



My assistant Tina recruited her friend Chloe Belanger to help us. For someone who’s never done any modelling she was fantastic.



 I really like the cool, airy, summer feel of it. Also, really brings out Chloe’s blue eyes, which you can see if you click on the first image.



As a second look we went with, is a tried and true one light setup. An extra large Profoto umbrella with diffuser. I found the fedora above in an old chest here at the studio and have become very attached to it as a prop. Not convinced yet I can pull it off for myself.




Just to repeat, Chloe was amazing in front of the camera. Having just returned from Japan, she must have left any innate shyness or inhibition in Kyoto. She has an excellent blog called “May you be Loved”, that’s worth checking out.  chloebelanger.com






Family Portraits

One of the great things about doing family portraits, is watching the changes over the years. Below are three siblings I shot recently, along with corresponding images from five years ago.

The family portrait above, we did as a Christmas present from their Dad to their Mother. We  then made custom prints put them in contemporary frames. Below is a from the previous family portrait session.



As you can see, at this age, it’s a huge change over five years.



Above, is Emma at 10, even then with her own sense of style, and below, a poised, confident and beautiful 14 year old. She’s decided to be a lawyer, but maybe there’s some modelling in her future to help pay the tuition.




Odin, below, from our family portrait session five years ago. I’ve always loved the peaceful vibe we got, in what at their age then, was a very hectic session.



And recently, along with his brother Ethan. They are now two very handsome boys.




Odin prided himself so much in his sports coat, that I had to put the hat on him.

Remember you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.

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happy holidays

from all of us at michael o’shea photography, wishing you all the best for the holiday season!


Cut and Paste

Often clients will want a portrait done against a background that is not accessible because of weather or convenience.


Maybe it’s a realtor wanting a residential setting, but we’re shooting it in February.


Or a law firm that would like to send us a new partner, but want to avoid the cost or inconvenience of a location shoot.


Perhaps it’s an IT company that prefers an environmental look, but their campus is in a different city.

corporate        composite24      corporate headshots

The above composites started with these three. A great advantage of shooting with a hi key white backdrop, is that as well as being a nice clean look in itself, the ease at which a cut and paste to a different background can be done, is a real bonus. I am slowly building a library of backgrounds that I will be able to offer clients. Of course there are many options for interesting settings that can be purchased on line.