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happy holidays

from all of us at michael o’shea photography, wishing you all the best for the holiday season!


The Great Kelly Davis

I’m always delighted when Actor and Performing Artist Kelly Davis books a headshot session. Kelly is one of the most original and creative people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. A real chameleon who’s constantly reinventing herself.


When she first came to the studio I found her to be this vibrant young woman who was fearless in front of the camera.

low_res470  low_res920

When she next appeared it was this fantastic blend of chic and punk, all her own design.

  actor headshot

Now we have this strong, sophisticated, young professional artist.

actor headshots  actor headshots


Working with Actors Part 3

Every now and then a young actor comes to the studio that has something special. Adriana Marchand is definitely in that category.


actor headshots


What she brought to the shoot was not just a natural beauty but the ability to project herself to the camera in an always interesting way.


actor headshots


These days we rarely use black and white for actor headshots, but I thought it really worked in this image.


actor headshots


Adriana can bring an engaging playfulness, like we see above…


actor headshots

Or a soft vulnerability as we see here.

actor headshots

Then she’ll come back with a strength that belies her age. The fact that she hardly needed any direction made my job easy. Currently in the acting program at UVIC, I know she has a big future as a performer.

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Natural Light

Lighting is an essential part of photography. While artificial lighting is sometimes thought of as the standard for professional images, natural light is often the best choice for client work as well.

Natural Light

Daylight from large windows can provide compelling lighting for a portrait. This image was taken here at Ironworks Studio; one large window in front of the subject is lighting the face while the open window behind him, is lighting the background. If you click on the picture you’ll see how nicely the eyes are lit.

Natural Light       Natural Light

Overcast days or if sunny, finding open shade, is best for getting the most out of natural light. Direct sunlight can be quite harsh, creating dark shadows. Unless you are looking for that type of dramatic effect the soft light of shade or overcast is best.

Natural Light

Often when using natural light I use a reflector to bounce light back onto the subject. This fills in areas that may be dark or uneven. Adding a soft focus (bokeh) in the background is always a nice touch and really emphasizes the subject.

Natural Light

Natural Light is an accessible tool that all photographers, amateur and professional alike, can take advantage of. It allows for some creativity and problem solving at times but it yields beautiful and refreshing results.

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Working In The Studio

Michael O’Shea Photography began shooting out of the Ironworks Studio in 2009. Formerly known as Burrard Ironworks the building itself is a dynamic space which comes through in the photos.

There are a lot of textures, colours, and backgrounds to play with here at Ironworks Studio.


Working In The Studio

Large steel doors lend some rustic charm to this family portrait.


Working In the StudioThese grated windows allow natural lighting to filter into the studio.


Working In The Studio

Exposed brick walls are a favourite with many clients.


Working In The Studio

An interesting backdrop can make for an intriguing photo without taking attention away from the subject. It often gives an image just that much more depth and can lend itself to aid in portraying a character.

If you are interested in finding out more about the backgrounds available to use in the studio or on location, get in touch with me over social media.