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Family Portraits

One of the great things about doing family portraits, is watching the changes over the years. Below are three siblings I shot recently, along with corresponding images from five years ago.

The family portrait above, we did as a Christmas present from their Dad to their Mother. We  then made custom prints put them in contemporary frames. Below is a from the previous family portrait session.



As you can see, at this age, it’s a huge change over five years.



Above, is Emma at 10, even then with her own sense of style, and below, a poised, confident and beautiful 14 year old. She’s decided to be a lawyer, but maybe there’s some modelling in her future to help pay the tuition.




Odin, below, from our family portrait session five years ago. I’ve always loved the peaceful vibe we got, in what at their age then, was a very hectic session.



And recently, along with his brother Ethan. They are now two very handsome boys.




Odin prided himself so much in his sports coat, that I had to put the hat on him.

Remember you can enlarge each photo by clicking on it.

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happy holidays

from all of us at michael o’shea photography, wishing you all the best for the holiday season!


Working In The Studio

Michael O’Shea Photography began shooting out of the Ironworks Studio in 2009. Formerly known as Burrard Ironworks the building itself is a dynamic space which comes through in the photos.

There are a lot of textures, colours, and backgrounds to play with here at Ironworks Studio.


Working In The Studio

Large steel doors lend some rustic charm to this family portrait.


Working In the StudioThese grated windows allow natural lighting to filter into the studio.


Working In The Studio

Exposed brick walls are a favourite with many clients.


Working In The Studio

An interesting backdrop can make for an intriguing photo without taking attention away from the subject. It often gives an image just that much more depth and can lend itself to aid in portraying a character.

If you are interested in finding out more about the backgrounds available to use in the studio or on location, get in touch with me over social media.





“Youth Has No Age”

While taking in a show at the Art Gallery of Ontario I came across a poster with a quote by Picasso, “Youth has no age”.


It got me thinking about the many older people I have photographed for whom this quote was so salient.


Whether they were part of a commercial shoot or family portrait sessions, the openness and willingness to risk has always been inspiring.

portraits  portraits

As in the ones above, which were part of an Ad campaign, the energy and creativity they brought to the sessions was so impressive.


There is something about aging and the life experience it brings that makes these such interesting subjects.

Vancouver Portraits

This dapper, ninety two year old former lawyer, is the perfect example of “youth having no age”.


A Day at the Beach

It’s a cold November day today so I thought posting some late summer portraits would warm things up.



We headed to Crescent Beach late in the day to do these family portraits.


With end of day soft light and a few reflectors you can’t go wrong.


In this shot of the daughter we used a large scrim (shoot through) to diffuse the sunlight.


As the sun set further all we needed was a white bounce on the shadow side.

family portraits

Here we used a gold reflector to match the warm late day sunlight.

family portrait

This light makes a nice black and white as well.