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Why India?

We just booked our flights for another trip to India in February. Often I’m asked, “after so many trips there, why do you keep returning”? For me there are so many answers to that question. Maybe some of these images will help explain.



I love the markets, so full of sights, sounds, smells and frenetic activity. The diversity of people and cultures that come together is so enriching. A far cry from the “Mall” experience here.



The quiet reverence to be found at the Temples. Such a difference from the bustle of the streets and markets. The image above was taken at the Golden Temple compound in Amritsar. What the picture is unable to convey is the constant melodic chanting coming from the loudspeakers.



Of course the people. Particularly the rickshaw wallas, merchants and guesthouse operators. They show such generosity of spirit and respect that it inspires me to try to bring some of that home.



We really enjoy travelling by train. One great benefits of English rule was the railroads. The stations are so chaotic with travellers from all across the country mixed with beggars and cows and people sleeping on the floor. For a people watcher like me, it’s heaven.




When we need some quiet time it’s off to a rural area for some village life. Often these are roads less taken by tourists. Such a nice contrast to the cities. Pretty much everywhere but particularly in the countryside there is such an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables and of course delicious curry dishes to be had everywhere.



Lily Does Makeup

Lily Ling and I connected about two years ago. She is a fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist that always shows up with a smile on her face and ready to work. On set, Lily is an attentive perfectionist and my clients love her. Off set, Lily has done some modelling for several photo shoots in Canada and Asia. She was the perfect subject to try out new lighting and a concept I had seen on Instagram. I also wanted to get a portrait of her to add to the team page on my website.


The benefit of shooting a makeup artist and hair stylist is that they arrive in full hair and make up, ready to walk on set. Lily had brought a few fun wardrobe options but first up was her head shot.  We wanted to do something that reflected the spirit and sense of playfulness she brings to her work.


Next we tried a more dramatic lighting set up that gave more shadows and sculpting to the face. We added a leather jacket to complete the edgy look. 



For some colour we went with the floral top and grey background.



Another sample of our main reason for setting this shoot up.



You can check out Lily’s work here, Lily Does Makeup

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happy holidays

from all of us at michael o’shea photography, wishing you all the best for the holiday season!


Happy Holi

Our last day in Rishikesh happened, thankfully, to be on the day India celebrates the festival of Holi. An homage to the colours of spring, renewal and forgiveness.

Festival of Holi  Holi

In the most loving and playful way, you can expect to be doused in colour.


Or water bombed from above.

Rishikesh  Festival of Holi

There is a camaraderie that is so infectious. It’s like our Christmas and New Years rolled into one.


The joy of Holi made it difficult for us to have to leave. Happy Holi was extended to us everywhere.



Two happy victims of colour.

Festival of Holi  Holi

It’s hard to capture the energy of these men dancing and shouting. To get too close is to have my camera covered in dye and water.

Rishikesh  Holi

Just posting this blogs brings back the sheer joy of our last day in Rishikesh.


Yes they got me too.


The Streets of Haridwar, India

Hardiwar is one of India’s holiest cities. Pilgrims come from all over the country to bathe in the Ganges and pray to the Hindu God Vishnu. However for me, as almost always, it’s the street life that fascinates.

Haridwar, India

Bara Bazaar is full of all the sights, sounds and smells you come to expect in the great Indian markets.


I loved the shadow he cast on the wall.


I’m pretty sure these guys are brothers. What do you think?

Haridwar India

The best lassi’s I’ve ever had were at the Prakesh Lok. Our waiter here above with the proud owner in the background.


Bara Bazaar at night.


Where we might be inclined to eat our birthday cake, the folks here have a different way of celebrating.


It’s amazing the incredible shave you can get from these guys with no hot water.