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Happy Holi 2018 part 2

Entering the Bankey Bihari Temple during Holi was beyond anything I could have imagined. Bihari means enjoyer, or Krishna the enjoyer, and there is tremendous joy and worship to be found. The first image here is my favourite. When I looked at it later, there was something about the reaching. In this case they are reaching toward Krishna for a blessing. It evoked for me the idea that we are all in our own way reaching out, be it for blessing, acceptance, or maybe love.

The crush of people and the bursts of colour are so amazing.

It’s not just coloured dye that is being thrown, from time to time it’s flower petals that come raining down.

A handful of dye creates an explosion of colour.

As much as this is a festival of colour that welcomes springtime, here in particular it is also a time of great devotion. The man in the middle of the image below illustrates this.


I was privileged to get the vantage point I did on an upper balcony. Cameras in the temple are not welcome and to point one at Krishna is totally unacceptable.

In the next shot you see worshipers holding up various objects. These are offerings that they will attempt, through great effort, to lay at the feet of the icon.

In our travels over the years there have been few peak experiences. Walking the Kora at sacred Mt. Kailash in Tibet and being at the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad are two. I will now have to add celebrating Holi in Vrindavan.

I’ll be posting some additional street scenes in part 3 of the Holi blogs. Remember you can enlarge these by clicking.

All the best.



Environmental Backgrounds

We offer our corporate clients the option of on-location shooting. This provides an opportunity to display the environment that they work in. It can also offer a more interesting image for their website and other materials. We bring all the necessary equipment needed for studio quality lighting to your workplace.


Shooting in the company setting helps to tell the firm’s story.
We like to try a few different set-ups where possible and use a variety of different environments. Such as a boardroom…
The hallways…
Or the sales floor…
Using an environmental background requires a little bit of maneuvering and creativity but in the end it can be well worth it.

Happy Holidays

 Christmas morning in the Thar Desert, Rajastan India.



From all of us at Michael O’Shea Photography, best wishes for the holiday season!





Tony Koch and the AltNews Band

Sometimes this business can take you to some very cool places to meet some very cool people. On this occasion we were shooting Tony Koch’s newly assembled jazz ensemble, the AltNews Band. The location, Bryan Adam’s famed Warehouse recording studio  in Vancouver’s Gastown. While they recorded we captured images for their CD release.



Tony Koch:  Writer, composer and lead guitar. A long time instructor at Vancouver Community College, Tony assembled this A list of Jazz musicians.

Campbell Ryga: A juno award winning jazz alto and soprano saxophonist. Cam has worked with Vancouver golden boy Michael Buble and got a grammy nod out of it. 

Miles Black: Composer, arranger, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. Miles is also one of the most sought after jazz pianists in the country. 

Miles Hill: Bassist, producer, engineer, and composer, this guy does it all. He also recently opened up his own shop called Frequency Forward Studio. 

Bobby Ruggiero: Talented and humble drummer Bobby is probably best known for touring with Van Morrison.

The album will be streaming soon on itunes.


Lily Does Makeup

Lily Ling and I connected about two years ago. She is a fantastic makeup artist and hair stylist that always shows up with a smile on her face and ready to work. On set, Lily is an attentive perfectionist and my clients love her. Off set, Lily has done some modelling for several photo shoots in Canada and Asia. She was the perfect subject to try out new lighting and a concept I had seen on Instagram. I also wanted to get a portrait of her to add to the team page on my website.


The benefit of shooting a makeup artist and hair stylist is that they arrive in full hair and make up, ready to walk on set. Lily had brought a few fun wardrobe options but first up was her head shot.  We wanted to do something that reflected the spirit and sense of playfulness she brings to her work.


Next we tried a more dramatic lighting set up that gave more shadows and sculpting to the face. We added a leather jacket to complete the edgy look. 



For some colour we went with the floral top and grey background.



Another sample of our main reason for setting this shoot up.



You can check out Lily’s work here, Lily Does Makeup

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